Successful Reinvestment Strategies for Urban Growth

John KromerJohn Kromer has devoted his career to advancing a critically important smart growth priority: helping urban downtowns and neighborhoods design and implement strategies to reposition themselves as centers of private investment and wealth-building.

“For ambitious leaders who care about their cities, the choice of strategies and the manner in which they are executed will determine whether these places will be able to break away, move ahead of the pack, and achieve success surpassing expectations.”

Fixing Broken Cities: The Implementation of Urban Development Strategies

Money, Mojo, and Votes is a must-read for current and future political candidates, for members of civic, business, and community groups interested in reform candidacies, and for anyone interested in influencing constructive change in municipal government via the ballot box.

The Goal: Smart and Sustainable

The best opportunities for economic success within metropolitan areas will be found in places where government, business, and community leaders are actively supporting a strategy to promote reinvestment in:

  • Smart Cities, in which government planning and development agencies are well-managed, professionally staffed, and performance-oriented
  • Sustainable Communities, offering attractive, energy-efficient housing, good neighbors, safe surroundings, and great places to work, shop, and play

A Vision for Optimizing Government Capacity

Urban communities can reposition themselves for future success, even in an uncertain economy.  Read More about Optimizing Government Capacity

Proven Results in Promoting Economic Opportunity 

A combination of public-sector capacity-building and strategic investment can make formerly distressed downtowns and neighborhoods places of economic opportunity.  Read More about Proven Results